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This translation is outdated, see the English version for a reference: Support

Before creating a new topic or issue, read How and where to ask for support first, make sure your issue is not solely related to musescore.com as volunteers here cannot help you with that, MuseScore the desktop software is an open source project (wikipedia) developed and supported by non paid volunteers and managed by Muse Group employees, source.

to see if your problem has been posted, answered or documented already.


Find out everything there is to know about MuseScore and how to use it.


Instantly ask The MuseScore Community for help.


Get in-depth details on specific areas of MuseScore.

How To's

Quick tips on how to use MuseScore.


Ask notation experts for help.


Read the frequently asked questions.

Issue Tracker

Report a bug. Read How to write a good bug report: step-by-step instructions first. The role of Issue Tracker on musescore.org is to triage before opening an issue on GitHub repo, it can be more effective if you discuss and gather consensus in the forum beforehand. Fill out Frequency: Once if you have not gathered any shared experience.
Once the issue is referred/reposted to GitHub, the one on musescore.org will be marked "GitHub Issue" to unclutter the triage system.