Svenska (traditionell)

• apr 12, 2024 - 10:00

MuseScore version 4.4 (egentligen MuseScore Studio 4.4) kommer att ha två svenska översättningar: Svenska (modern) och Svenska (traditionell) som man kan välja mellan via programmenyn Redigera -> Inställningar -> Allmänt.


NB: Denna uppdelning finns inte i handboken på webben. Hur gör användaren om språkbruket inte stämmer med deras översättning av programmet?

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The handbook should be/stay on modern Swedish as that, even for Swedish users, will be/remain the default setting. Those users that setup to Traditional Swedish know that they did and need to adjust. You may add the traditional terms to the glossary. Same as is done for British English vs. International/US English.

Al least this is my (rather strong) opinion.

(And sorry to reply in English, but I don't speak Swedish at all, reading-wise is is often similar enough to German to get the gist though)

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Agreed. The Handbook should be primarily in modern Swedish to match the default Swedish language in the program.

You are welcome to mention traditional Swedish terms in passing, similarly to how the English note input page gives the US English durations first, followed by the UK English terms in brackets.

  • Eighth (quaver)
  • Quarter (crotchet)
  • Half (minim)
  • Whole (semibreve)

However, the bulk of the text should use the modern terms.

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Might be included...

Actually the argument in this thread might prevent it.

(Note: it is not me to decide, just to give opinions)

With the addition of Swedish (Traditinal) you've been given a little finger, don't grab the entire hand ;-)
(In the hope a German idiom translates well enough)

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