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    A slur is a curved line between notes of different pitches indicating legato phrasing; exact interpretation depends on the instrument.

    Slurs should not be confused with (note) ties which connect notes of the same pitch and extend the duration of the first note to encompass the connected notes.

    Adding a slur to your score

    After selecting a note, a slur can be created using any of the following:

    • A keyboard shortcut, S. This option is both convenient and fast.
    • The menu option, AddLineSlur
    • A slur from the lines palette.

    The exact method of applications depends on whether you are in note input or normal modes of operation. The keyboard shortcut method will be used as an example.

    Adding slurs in normal mode

    Method 1

    1. Select the note where you want the slur to start:
      Adding slur, step 1
    2. Press S to add a slur extending to the next note:
      Adding slur, step 2
    3. To extend the slur to the next note, hold Shift and press (right arrow). Repeat as required:
      Adding slur, step 3, extending it to next note
    4. To flip the slur direction, press X:
      Adding slur, step 4, flipping direction
    5. Press Esc to exit edit mode:
      Adding slur, step 5, exiting edit mode

    Method 2

    1. Select the note where you want the slur to start;
    2. Choose one of the following options:
      • To add a single slur: Hold down Ctrl (Mac: Cmd) and select the last note that you want the slur to cover.
      • To add slurs to all voices: Hold down Shift and select the last note that you want the slurs to cover.
    3. Press S.

    Adding slurs in note input mode

    1. Enter the first note in the slurred section;
    2. Press S to begin the slurred section;
    3. Type in the remaining notes in the slurred section;
    4. Press S again to end the slurred section.

    Multi-voice and cross-staff slurs

    Using method 2 (above) you can create a slur between notes in the same or different voices. Cross staff slurs can be created in exactly the same way. e.g.

    Cross-staff slur

    You can also adjust the start/end handles of an existing slur to move the start or end to a note of a different voice:

    1. Click on the start/end handle of the slur.;
    2. Press Shift+/ to move the start/end between voices, and from staff to staff.

    Changing appearance of slurs

    To adjust the shape of a slur or its range, see Adjusting elements directly.

    Slur properties

    The following properties specific to slurs can be adjusted in the Properties panel.

    Style: Solid, dashed or dotted line.
    Position: Above or below.

    Slur style

    Some default properties for all slurs in the score can be adjusted in FormatStyleSlurs/Ties:

    Slur style dialog