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• jul 27, 2021 - 13:25

I'm about to edit a large orchestral score imported as .xml, it looks ok now after some editing, now I want to add more cue notes to the score since I find it was not enough in he original version, also because Musescore didn't import any of the original cue notes. I have been trying to learn from the handbook but i'm lost, can I get some instructions how I do this in a smart way?


If you attach the MusicXML file that had the cue notes, we can investigate. In general, to add cue notes, you just add them normally (e.g., copy & paste from the source staff) but mark them small and silent in the Inspector. If you also need them to not appear in the score, that's rather more work.

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I realize now that the my Finale score score didn't contain any cue notes, at least I can't find any trace of them, however the parts contains cue notes, I composed this work back in 2002 now I can't figure out why the parts has cue notes and why the score doesn't show them like they do in Sibelius in smaller format etc, maybe it's an option in Finale that I have forgot since I left that program many years ago. However Musescore do import cue notes I noticed when I imported the parts. I attach a score and a part, maybe you can find out why there are no cue notes visible in the score I mean from thew Musescore point of view there might be some information that im not aware of

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