MuseScore 0.9.4 is available for download

• 15 years sedan

MuseScore 0.9.4 is available for download at

Top new features: improvements to note selection and copy-paste, automatic scrolling during playback, more languages, improvements to drum input, MIDI keyboard support on Windows (Linux version already supported this), about 30 crashes fixed.


  • Automatic scrolling during playback
  • Increased note length during playback so that normal notes no longer sound semi-staccato
    • MIDI excerpt from [attachment:promenade-0-9-4.mid=Promenade (MuseScore 0.9.4)]
    • MIDI excerpt from [attachment:promenade-0-9-3.mid=Promenade (MuseScore 0.9.3)]
  • When playback reaches the end of the piece
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MuseScore teaser

15 years sedan

MuseScore är ett fritt musiknotationsprogram enligt modellen WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get" ("Det du ser är vad du får") som erbjuder ett kostnadseffektivt alternativ till kommersiella program som Igor Engraver, Sibelius, Finale och Capella.
Du kan skriva ut vackert satta noter eller spara dem som PDF- eller...

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