Blind access and rebind hotkeys

• Фев 2, 2024 - 20:37

Hi devs!
I'm totally blind, just started learn Musescore but tripped about rebinding hotkeys. For example, Reaper's hotkeys list is fully available and comfortable via NVDA, but Musescore doesn't allow bind any hotkeys via keyboard only. I select a value, press enter and... After this you only can press escape for cancel. It seems like Musescore considers any other keys as bind (included enter).
You should fix rebinding so as "enter" will work as "ok". Also it should skip other important screenreader's keys like "Tab" or "Insert".
Generally, Musescore 4 is really nice for screenreaders but why so strange rebinding? Why there aren't any values for rebinding of accessibility navigation keys?
Thanks for app! This will be really great if fix some details...

P.S. Yeah, I readed manual...


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