• Noi 28, 2023 - 16:39

cum pot sa șterg o partitura după ce am facut-o?

mersi pa


To avoid accidents, there is no menu option in the MuseScore desktop notation software to delete a score.

So these are your options:

a) If you saved the score on your own computer, then use your computer's operating system to delete the file. For example on Windows, you can use File Explorer to locate the file. Then right-click and choose "Delete".

b) If you saved your score online (with File > Save to cloud or File > Publish to, then you need to visit Click the dropdown arrow next to your profile picture, and choose "My scores". Then you can search for your score by title. Open the score on its own, then use the "3 dots menu" on the right of the title and choose "Delete this score".

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