Byzantin music

• Mai 22, 2021 - 09:18

Can I write byzantine music with musecore?


This is fascinating! This form of notation is entirely new to me, but I'm assuming the glyphs above the text are comparable to the neumes in Western Solesme chant notation, with which I'm quite familiar. In that case, just downloading a new font (whether one in a Latin or Greek alphabet) won't suffice--it would only address the text aspect of the notation, not the pitches.

MuseScore has glyphs for all the commonly used neumes in Western Chant, but they exist only as symbols (on the master palette), visual glyphs only--they don't provide any playback, for instance. It would be theoretically possible to engrave an entire piece of chant using them, but VERY, VERY laborious.

I don't see any symbols like the ones in your examples, either on MuseScore or on the SMuFL website:

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