Corrupted File Musescore 4

• Abr 14, 2023 - 11:42

When I saved the musescore sheet music and opened it again, it doesn't open anymore because it says it is a corrupted file. I don't know what I can do to save it because I don't wanna lose all the things that i wrote. I tried clicking in ''Open anyways" but nothing happens

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I just had the same problem, when I tried to open a score of mine from the "MuseScore 4 / Scores" folder on my computer.

But now I have been able to open it by starting the MuseScore 4 app first, and then within the app, clicking on the "File" tab and then on the "Open" command in the dropdown menu.

The mscz files are packed files that contain multiple files, including one mscx file. They can be opened with e.g. 7-zip.
In fact, 7-zip opens your file, but it is corrupted and the contained mscx file cannot be extracted.

Musescore has to do the same and fails at that too. I'm afraid the file is not repairable.
Maybe you can find a backup file on your computer.

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