Time signature

• Jan 6, 2019 - 22:20


On a system with 3 voices and piano how can I input different time signatures for different voices. See attached example where the piano's left hand and the three voices have a time signature of 2/4 and the piano's rigth hand have a time signature of 6/8

Anexo Tamanho
DSCN7523.JPG 1.72 MB


Use ctrl+drag the time signature to the staves that are affected. This is called a local time signature. I would suggest that you enter all notes in the measures with the local time signature, then ctrl+drag the time signature to where it returns to the same as the rest of the staves. This will ensure you do not accidentally make it where you cannot return to the common or global time signature at the end of this section.

Also keep in mind that you cannot do any copying or pasting in measures with local time signatures, you will get an error that probably won't make sense if you try.

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