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Forum topic Dropping window on second screen enables fullscreen mode ciemakat 1 4 months ago
Issue MusicXML's justify parameter is not respected ciemakat 1 1 year ago
Issue System barline is shown with "Hide empty staves" (or 'invisible' staves), even if that results in only one (visible) staff and "Barline at start of single staff" is not ticked ciemakat 9 1 year ago
Forum topic Wyrównanie nuty do tekstu ciemakat 17 1 year ago
Issue Hyphen too high chen lung 41 2 years ago
Forum topic Professional Printing PDF Export Options etienne 7 3 years ago
Forum topic Articulation anchor ciemakat 5 3 years ago
Issue Invisible beams influence lyrics distance from staff ciemakat 10 3 years ago
Issue Ctrl + Delete removes all measures after selected note/rest ciemakat 1 3 years ago
Issue Gregorian chant CapoFede 37 3 years ago
Forum topic [UX] Way of hiding elements in descreased width window ciemakat 3 4 years ago
Issue Changing initial time signature in continuous view causes crash ciemakat 2 6 years ago
Issue Frames cannot be selected ciemakat 7 6 years ago
Issue Invisible time- and key signature ciemakat 5 6 years ago
Issue Deleting title frame reverts deleted bars ciemakat 4 6 years ago
Issue Overwriting hard-space causes crash ciemakat 7 6 years ago
Issue Slur break under time signature ciemakat 8 6 years ago
Issue Text Style menu is gone ciemakat 2 6 years ago
Issue Hiding clef or time signature causes crash ciemakat 11 6 years ago
Issue Spacing problems ciemakat 2 7 years ago
Issue Delete notes/measures or change offsets in first measure when there are beaming notes in the next system/staff causes a crash ciemakat 19 7 years ago
Issue Tiny characters in Special Characters window ciemakat 3 7 years ago
Issue Huge space after barline inserted via drag and drop ciemakat 4 7 years ago
Issue Lyrics hyphens aren't placed on equal height ciemakat 9 7 years ago
Issue Regression: Seemingly random space between staves with lyrics; more random spacing appears after playback or image capture Isaac Weiss 6 7 years ago