Release notes for MuseScore

Updated 4 years ago
This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 1.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Release notes for MuseScore

MuseScore was released August 16, 2010.

MuseScore is a bugfix release including 12 bugfixes mainly critical ones. There are no new features in compared to 0.9.6. You can read the details of the bugfixes below.


  • fix #6597: Close/reload crash on XP
  • fix #6658: Natural in every keysig on mac PPC
  • fix #6508: Crash removing instrument with volta
  • fix #6706: Crash when inserting slurs from palette while editing text
  • fix #6740]: Autosave works only the first time
  • fix #6479: Crash when closing score during playback
  • fix #6624: Crash when deleting a tuplet from a MusicXML import
  • fix #5667: Font problem (quarternote looks too big in text on Linux)
  • fix #6620 : Crash on changing dynamics font size

Plugin framework

  • fix cursor move on repeatmeasure in plugin framework
  • fix instrument name containing flats for plugin framework


  • fix #6505: Mixer is not refreshed when scores are switched
  • fix mouse wheel handling for mixer elements
  • fix repeat command (ctrl+r) for staves > 1