Release notes for MuseScore

Updated 4 years ago
This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 1.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Release notes for MuseScore

MuseScore was released July 12, 2010.

MuseScore is mainly a bugfix release including almost 40 bugfixes. There are no new features in compared to 0.9.6. You can read the details of the bugfixes below.

Crashes and critical

  • fix #6425: Crash loading score with breath mark selected
  • fix #6388: Crash on importing a MusicXML file (beam problem)
  • fix #6072: Crash when adding note to wrong percussion staff
  • fix #6335: Crash on creating triplet on a chord
  • fix #6289: crash on loading score where a key signature is selected<
  • fix #6275: Remove the last inserted vertical frame make musecore hangs
  • fix #6138: crash on creating new score (after some steps)
  • fix #6076: crash on play a new score after exiting a playing score
  • fix #6049: 0.9.5 file with breve or longa cannot be opened with MuseScore 0.9.6

Memory management

  • fix #6164: free memory after removing score


  • fix #5162: Artefacts in "Strings CLP" sound
  • fix #6093: Dynamics are not played for Soprano in TimGM6mb.sf2
  • fix #6253: High CPU usage when idle if reverb is on

Import & export

  • fix #6318: MusicXML export of syllabic is broken
  • fix #5949: MIDI import gives unexpectedly silent notes
  • fix #6163: Export MIDI in wrong preference tab
  • fix #6283: R key does not work as expected in drum staff<


  • fix #6254: Concert pitch lossy transposition
  • fix #6264: Chordnames not transposed on copy-paste or concert pitch
  • fix #5923: Transpose chordnames does not preserve pitch spelling


  • fix #6060: Help > Local Handbook doesn't work on windows
  • fix #6060: Change pdf filenames for composed locale handbook

Miscellaneous fixes

  • fix dragging from palette of measure repeat symbol<
  • remove incompatible "temperament tuning" plugin
  • fix adding notes on voice > 0 from plugin framework<
  • fix ove import charset preferences init
  • fix layout of fermata if in staff > 1
  • fix #6245: Underscores in Lyrics are not copied badly/not at all
  • fix #5906: Tick value shown in Object Inspector limited to 999999
  • fix #5903: Duration arithmentic with longa and brevis
  • fix #6195: breve rest & longa rest are inversed
  • fix #6079: problem in multimeasure rests with 2 staves score
  • fix #6172: note properties does not keep notehead group
  • fix #6144: Notes (and other signs) in small staves are smaller than they should
  • fix #6134]: Fingering text offset does not save units and alignment
  • fix #6114: SVG graphics disappear after reload<
  • fix #6453: File containing a horizontal frame directly before a bar with a line break cannot be opened
  • no empty tab if user tries to open a file with unknown extension
  • page numbers are no longer editable in the score since formatting does not stick
  • refuse to open incompatible score files (file version number > current version number); this adds new translatable strings


  • updated translations
  • new translations : Basque, Hebrew, Slovenian