Note A input shortcut not working

• nov 25, 2023 - 21:57

When I try to input note A by pressing A on my laptop it just jumpes to the very first beat off a score. Using SHIFT + A works as it should, by inserting note A in chord.
I've checked my settings, which are correct and the two shortcuts are distinguished - just not working properly. I have also tried to reset to default settings, uninstall and download again. The only way it works is if I substitute the shortcut to another laptop key. So I am now using Z to input note A.


Is this using a Swedish or Dutch keyboard (or similar)? There seems to be a known issue that can happen where the "A" key sends two different keycodes and triggers another shortcut in MuseScore. Should be fixed in 4.2, but meanwhile, you can fix it yourself by setting a custom shortcut for the "Go to top staff" command in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

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