MS changes note value

• aug 26, 2022 - 12:41

Have tried to find a discussion on this issue, but without success. I open a midifile and experience that a bar with a dotted quarter note tied with a quarter note plus 1/8 rest (in the original note with measure 6/8) is displayed with a dotted half note when opened in MS. I have tried to fiddle around in the dialog box without success. Some help is highly appreciated.


In order to assist, we would need to see the MIDI file in question. If you attach it here and say which note you wish to see interpreted differently. The settings in the MIDI import panel define how different durations are interpreted, so if your MIDI file is quantized to exactly that duration, then unchecking the various options in MuseScore designed to create more readable notation from unquantized music will probably do the trick.

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THen yes, turning off "simplify durations" fixes that. However, your file doesn't seem to be quantized at all, so it makes quite a mess of things to not simplify. Best to quantize to exactly the start positions and durations you want if you need to resort to MIDI for whatever reason (not generally an efficient or accurate way to represent music notation).

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