Double measure

• nov 2, 2021 - 17:40

I'm trying to rewrite a partiture if Summer holiday. In measure 42 are two triols with quarter notes. The second triol came just between the two measures. I put the measures together but then it will be wrong for the other instrument. How can I solve this?

Vedlegg Størrelse
Summer_holiday.mscz 29.03 KB


The "best" solution (to me) is to keep the measure 4/4 but rewrite the triplet as a pair of eighth note triplets, the first with a quarter and eighth, the second with an eighth and quarter, and the two eighths tied together. Then if you want you can play games with hiding one of the notes and hiding the flag on the other, stretching one of the tuplet brackets and hiding the other, etc. There are other similar hacks possible.

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