mandolin fretboard diagrams

• 2018/01/10 09:13

I'm a new user, with the latest version of Musescore (2.1.0 871c8ce)

I've created a new score, and chosen Madolin as the instrument, and created two linked staves. All good, and when doing that I had to choose 4 string TAB.

But when I look at the fretboard diagrams, I get guitar fretboards displayed, rather than 4 string mandolin ones.
1. Should this swap automatically to the correct type of fretboard for the instrument selected?
2. If not, are there resources where I can find a custom palette of Mandolin chord symbols which I can import, or am I creating this from scratch? Not ideal as this will take a while - though will have the advantage of helping me learn them!


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No need to import an musicXML file.
As of this web page,
I done this file in a way, common C chords, D chords, E chords, etc. (you can re-organize regarding of your preferences) : Mandoline chords file.mscz
And, by following, a specific palette of most common mandolin chords.
See this .mpal file that you can load: Mandolin Chords.mpal
Tooltips allow to identify chord names.

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Thank you for this! Wonderful resource. I was just trying to create some thing similar for violin (if you can imagine ;) ) . This will save me so much time for my immediate needs. Thank you for sharing! I may still create something specific for violinist that may need more of a visual approach. Should be an interesting project, although something may be out there already just like this. Thank you for sharing your work.

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