How to create an ossia using image capture

A workaround to producing an ossia via image capture: in this case to produce an "ornament explanation."
  1. Insert the note and the ornament on the desired measure:


  2. In another measure, insert the notes to be used as the "explanation" in the ossia:


  3. Toggle image capture mode (the camera icon);

  4. Draw a selection rectangle around the ornament explanation:


  5. Right-click on the selection and, from the menu, chose "Save As (screenshot mode)"; For best results and same resolution as the normal score, use 360 DPI.

  6. From where the file is saved, drag and drop to just above the relevant measure;

  7. Double-click the added image to edit it to the desired size (see Save snapshot):


    If desired, the image can be saved to a user workspace: hold Ctrl + Shift, and drag-and-drop the image from the score to the correct custom palette:


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