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    To change the appearance of Musescore user interface, see Preferences instead.
    To edit sound samples, see SoundFonts and SFZ files instead.


    Font (wikipedia) is a particular size, weight and style of a typeface.

    Only a limited set of fonts such as Edwin (used by Text objects) and Mscore, MuseJazzText (used by Symbols) are built into the MuseScore desktop program due to licensing reason, see the list in archived source code.

    When you share a score file (such as .mscz) with other, text and symbols using these fonts will render on the recipient's Musescore exactly as you see them on yours. Also, the score sharing website only renders this set of build-in fonts correctly.

    As of Musescore 3, no font data is saved, or can be saved, into a score file such as .mscz.

    Text font

    You can select and use fonts installed on your operating system (google how-to). Generally available fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial etc. should render correctly independent of operating system.

    • Chord symbols default to use Edwin (you can choose other font, as with all text objects), except when you create a new score with the "Jazz Lead Sheet" template (already set MuseJazzText as default for you).
    • Roman Numeral Analysis default to use the free and open source Campania.

    Musical fonts

    For musical symbols in score, there are several settings.

    You cannot select fonts installed on your operating system.
    Use a workaround that overwrites a build-in font: source1, source2. Musescore uses the version of font installed on the operating system over the one built-in whenever possible. When exported as pdf or printed out, using the same computer, the fonts render correctly as you seen. This workaround damages compatibility of score file, making it unfavorable if you need to share the score file.
    Though some fonts can be considered SMuFL compatible, the glyph - codepoint mappings use Musescore's own schema.

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