Templates and styles



    A template is simply a standard MuseScore file (*.mscz) stored in a dedicated “Templates” folder.

    There are two kinds of templates:

    • System templates. These are supplied with the installed version of MuseScore and cover a wide variety of solo instruments and ensembles of all genres. When you open the New Score dialog, these template files appear under various categories in the Create from Template tab.

    • User templates. These are created by the user and stored in the folder marked Templates in the MuseScore4 folder of your Documents directory. When you open the New score dialog, user templates are displayed in the My Templates section of the Create from template tab.

    Style files

    A style file is a file containing customized style settings for all musical and text objects in a score. You can save an existing set of styles or import one using the Format menu (see below).


    Saving your score as a template

    1. Create a specimen score containing the style settings, workspace, and title text that you wish to use in the template.
    2. Make sure that the Title text of the score describes the template accurately, as this is the wording that will appear in the My templates section of the New score dialog.
    3. Save the score in the "Template" folder of your MuseScore 4 user directory.

    Creating a score from your template

    1. Open the New Score dialog
    2. Choose a template file in the “My templates” section of the Create from template tab.
    3. Complete the rest of the New Score dialog and exit.

    Style files

    Saving style settings for your score to a file

    1. Create a score with the style settings that you wish to save and reuse in future scores
    2. Select Format→Save style, and save the Style file in the “Styles” folder of your MuseScore 4 user directory.

    Loading style settings into your score from a file

    1. Open the score to which you want to apply the saved style settings
    2. Select Format→Load style, and select the applicable style file.

    Setting a default style for your score

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