Cross-staff notation

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    Creating cross-staff notation

    1. First of all, enter the notation on one staff only.
    2. Select a note in the voice that you wish to move up or down to the other staff. e.g.

      Cross-staff notation, before

    3. Press Ctrl+Shift+/ (Mac: Cmd+Shift+/), to move the voice up or down to the other staff. Alternatively, you can click on the cross-staff icon in the note input toolbar and choose the same options from the context menu.

      Cross-staff notation, after

      Note: This operation works on a voice basis, rather than on individual notes. It follows that if you want to ensure that notes remain on the same staff during the operation, they should be in a different voice to the one selected above. Be aware that notes which have been moved to a different staff still belong logically to the staff of origin. This is why no rest is shown in the place where the moved notes originated.

    Changing appearance of cross-staff notation

    To adjust the beam angle and height, click on the beam, then click on an adjustment handle and use the keyboard arrows, or drag the handle with a mouse. e.g.

    Cross-staff notation, beam adjusted

    Alternatively you can make more precise adjustments from the beam section of the Properties panel.

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