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• Apr 4, 2023 - 15:00

Trying to have a review of a work, and so to have a more authentic result and impressions so I set on the MuseSounds on the instruments accordingly. But then it explodes. Almost all of the instruments but for Harpsichord, and Percussion is screaming strange noises. I could hear the original tune, the melody as in the score is written still there, but the strange noises screams slightly louder.

What can be more worrying, is when by other score, the MuseSounds works just fine.

How to properly fix it?


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So that is the score regarded. A piece of nine movements consisting it. The problems occured right off the bat, from the start it already screaming so weird. But then, it gradually so slightly soften. Until at least by the fourth movement, the noises are still there but starting to become more tolerable. And then around the sixth or the seventh movement it is quite clear. The sounds are bearable enough. Unfortunately, last time I checked, close to the end of the of the seventh the sounds are gone! All of it! Including the instruments that weren't so problematic before.

I thought I try ny re-download the score after I briefly uploaded it to, but when I open that new one, the sounds are still the same! Same goes when I presumed because I was downloading MuseSounds in a rather messy way. So I deleted the sounds file first, and try re-install it afterwards, but then the screams are still there!

Thank you for checking it.

Lampiran Ukuran
Serenade No. 2 di C Mayor.mscz 1.5 MB

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