The sound. The voices of the Instruments

• Mar 15, 2023 - 13:38

Is currently still working on a work. Among those instruments, by the more earlier part of the score the instruments sounds are still on. They were there. But by the later, most current part I'm currently are, only a few of them are still present, the rest are just stay quiet!! But when I try with another score, the same instruments sound are there. Only this most recent are gone off!!! May I got some answers, or an assistance tackling this thing?

Lampiran Ukuran
Serenade No. 2 di C Mayor.mscz 438.23 KB


I think everything plays on my system. Please tell us what instruments stop playing and where in the score it happens. You might also consider panning the instruments. As it is now, everything is in the center, and some sounds can cancel others.

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By what can I heard, all but either the "Posthorn" or the first "Horn in C" is quiet, their voices wouldn't come up. And it happens by the unfinished end, or if I may rgeard it by the eigth movement. I marked by the number on it's tempo marking. Any other things that need to be sorted?

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I panned your score and I can hear things much better. Your writing is fine. But MuseScore's playback of it is not very good. Muse Sounds has so much reverb that fast passages like some of the things you wrote for woodwinds just get muddy. I notice that upper staccato Woodwind notes are over accented. The sfp in bar 135 doesn't sound right. Real players will play what you have written properly. MuseScore has problems.
As for some of the sounds not being heard. This could be partly because of your use of p instead of mp. Again, nothing to do with your writing. Just MuseScore trying to play it. There are some things you could do, but it would involve a little re-writing. I often have two scores for a single work. One I would hand to real players,and one the is marked in such a way as to get the software to playback the way I want.

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