Do you know Octordle game?

• 19 Août 2022 - 06:03

octordle is most probably the most difficult interpretation of Wordle presently available to puzzle enthusiasts. This interpretation of the game gives players a thousand sum of 13 guesses to get 8 words correct. The puzzle board is massive, and it adds depths to the master that make it look ampere easy as proto-Indo European in comparison. While inspired by Wordle, the website mentions that this adaptation is based on like games called Quordle and Dordle which are Wordle variations with four answers and two answers, respectively.

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I don't think the "general discussion" forum is supposed to be that general ;)

But I've played Octordle and it's not really that difficult. I'd say Dordle is actually harder because as the number of words goes up, so does the likelihood of overlap.

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