Figured bass alignement troubleshooting

• 8 Avr. 2020 - 18:05

Hi all,

When I write a +4 chord, the characters loose alignment and "fall". If i write 4+, it remains aligned, but my contacts don't use this type of code. It's rather +4. Apparently, everything gets ok if i use a police size 5, but it is far too small ! I've tried to extend the measure, but didn't work... Apart from using manual manipulation to restablish the alignment, what can I do ? Are there parameters linked with the dimensions between staves for instance, that would help resolve the problem ?

I also need to extend a figure line over 3 beats (a semibreve and a crotchet). When I enter two or more low hyphens, the line doesn't extend over the semibreve... And with the ctrl+... command, i get either a crotchet or a semibreve, and not a dotted semibreve I would need... What could I do ?

Tx 4 your help !

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