Plugins for 2.x

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Most of the documentation for Plugins 2.x is accessed from the Help screen in Plugin Creator in MuseScore.
( ⇒ In Musescore press Ctrl+Shift+P, then F1 to bring it up. )

However, here is a quick guide to get you started.
The main class is MuseScore.
Use 'New' to create a skeleton plugin, which creates a simple "Hello World" to the console.
Plugins are coded in QML

The best place to look for how to do things are the sample plugins provided.
These are stored in the plugins folder where musescore is installed, e.g. for 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\plugins, see also the handbook for Installation of Plugins.

  • abc_import.qml - Brings up a dialog style plugin that contacts a web service to translate ABC notation in a MuseScore score.
  • colornotes.qml
  • createscore.qml
  • notenames.qml
  • panel.qml - demonstrates a panel style plugin.
  • random.qml - demonstrates generating a random score.
  • random2.qml - demonstrates generate a random score WITH a panel for user input.
  • run.qml
  • scorelist.qml
  • view.qml
  • walk.qml - demonstrates one method of walking through all the elements in a score.

For some more details about those check the handbook for Plugins installed by default

Note that in the current version of MuseScore 2.1 plugins loaded by Plugin Manager require you to restart MuseScore to pick up any changes. You can however use Plugin Creator's Run button to test them.