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• joulu 18, 2022 - 15:00


I just wanted to ask does anyone know how can I change the tuning of the piano (or any other instruments used) of my score like in ms3? If this feature hasn't been added yet, then when can we expect for this to be implemented? Please let me know, thanks.


I was just fiddling around with this as well. The tuning is now under the "Properties" tab, where u can click on the playback button. Unfortunately i discovered that the feature isnt compatible with the new sound library, so youll have to use MS Basic

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Im not entirely sure, bc i havent rly used the feature all that much, but you could calculate what that transposition is equal to in cents and then just highlight your whole score and put the tuning to that cent value. But it wouldnt apply to changes, so you would have to do it once the whole thing is done i guess. The calculation is log("frequencyratio")/log(2)*1200

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I'm in a desperate situation. I'm working on an orchestral score (now, abouit 400 bars long) and all the score was abruptly lowered by 1 tone, so, A4 sounds G4, etc. Old scores soiund correctly (A 4 is 440 HZ). I cannot find a way to correct to the right diapason. Please help me. Thank you to everybody.

MuseScore 4 doesn't have a direct way to adjust the tuning directly. Instead, what you need to do is go to Plugins > Playback and click "Modal Tuning." Then look for a bar that says Tweak, and put in the amount of cents you want to adjust. If you're looking to tune based on Hz (Like from A=440Hz to A=432Hz) just use an online calculator and round to the nearest cent. (ex. http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-centsratio.htm) Hope that helps!

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If I want to edit the pitch of just one note manually, how would I do that? I have a song that someone else made that when I click on the note, it lists its info and says "Pitch: F5 + 50.000" Ill include a screenshot. What I'm understanding is that you can only adjust the pitch of the whole song. I underlined the pitch in red in the screenshot. Basically, what I'm asking is how do I get to a menu that would allow me to slightly modify the pitches of individual notes in the song?

Liite Koko
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Two thumbs (pp) up on this request. I'd like to simply set the pitch to A=415 on the synth, not having to select notes and pitch-shift them, which is an inappropriate workaround in my opinion. I'm a bit surprised that MuseScore dropped that feature in v.4. My guitar is tuned at either A440 or A415 and I'd like to be able to just play along without having to edit the score.

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