Measure and multi-measure repeats

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    A measure repeat symbol indicates that the previous measure is to be repeated. Two- and four-measure repeat symbols indicate the repetition of the previous two or four measures.

    Adding a measure or multi-measure repeat to your score

    To apply a measure repeat symbol, select a measure in the score and click on the measure repeat icon in the Repeats & Jumps palette. Or drag the symbol on to a measure.

    Measure repeat

    To apply a two- or four-measure repeat symbol, select the first blank measure following the section you want repeated, then click on the applicable measure repeat icon in the Repeats & Jumps palette. Alternatively, drag the repeat icon from the palette onto the same blank measure instead.

    Two-measure repeat

    Note: You may need to click the More icon in the palette to reveal the two- and four-measure repeat symbols.

    In the case of multiple-measure repeats a "Group measures" symbol appears above and between measures. This keeps the measures together on the same system, where possible, in case of any automatic layout changes in the score. This symbol can be deleted if desired.

    Measure repeat properties

    Number position in the Measure repeat section of the Properties panel, allows you to edit the vertical offset of the number above the measure.

    Measure repeat style

    Properties of all measure repeats in the score can be set from FormatStyle…Measure repeats:

    Measure repeats style settings