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    This chapter discusses articulation symbols available in the Articulations palette (accents, staccato, vibrato markings etc).

    To add verbal articulation objects available in the Text palette (legato, pizz. , arco, tremolo etc) to a score, see Entering and editing text chapter. Guitar articulation is covered in chapters under Idiomatic notation: Guitar. Brass or woodwind articulation (Fall, Doit, Plop, Scoop) is covered in Arpeggios and glissandi.

    Adding articulations to a score

    Keyboard shortcuts

    To add an articulation with a keyboard shortcut:

    1. Select one or more notes;
    2. Apply the relevant shortcut from the list below:
      • Marcato: Shift+O
      • Accent: Shift+V
      • Tenuto: Shift+N
      • Staccato: Shift+S


    Articulations toolbar
    Certain articulations (accent, marcato, staccato, and tenuto) can be added from the note input toolbar (above the document pane).

    1. Select one or more notes;
    2. Click on the desired icon in the articulations toolbar area.

    Articulations palette

    Articulations palette
    To add an item to a score:

    1. Select one or more notes;
    2. Click on the desired articulation in the Articulations palette;

    Alternatively, drag and drop an articulation symbol from the palette to a notehead.

    Articulations playback

    Certain articulations affect note playback—such as staccato, staccatissimo, louré (tenuto + staccato), and accents. This is handled automatically by the program.

    Articulation properties

    Editable properties of selected articulation(s) on the score are shown in the Properties Panel.

    Articulation placement

    • Placement: This alters the position of the symbol above or below the note.

    Articulation style

    See the main chapter Templates and styles

    • Values of the "Style for Articulations & Ornaments" can be edited in Format → Style → Articulations & Ornaments.

    Align with stem

    Shown below are the result of some options on the score.

    Alignment options

    • Align with stem
      Align with stem

    • Align with notehead
      Align with notehead

    • Center between stem and notehead
      Center between stem and notehead

    Combined articulation options

    • Always keep together
      Always keep together

    • Prefer closeness to notehead (combined articulations may become separated)
      Prefer closeness to notehead