Staff type change

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    To change one staff everywhere on a score change Staff type or template instead. Staff types and templates supported by Musescore are covered in Staff/Part properties chapter.

    You can change the appearance of a staff starting from certain point on a score by adding a "Staff type change" element to a measure, and adjusting its properties in the Properties panel. This can be used when changing between pitched and unpitched staves or for various experimental notation effects.

    Staff type change example

    Adding a staff type change

    1. Select a measure in the score and, in the Layout palette
    2. Click the "Staff type change" symbol to add it to your score Staff type change symbol

    Alternatively, you can drag the symbol from the palette to a measure in your score.

    Setting staff properties

    When you alter a "Staff type change" property in the Properties panel, the new value takes precedence over the value shown in the global Staff/Part properties dialog. Only those property values in Staff/Part properties that cannot be changed for the "Staff type change" will be valid throughout the score.

    The properties that can be altered for the "Staff type change" in the Properties panel are:

    Cue size
    Use the Small staff size that is defined for the score

    Displace the staff vertically

    Change the size of the staff using a custom percentage

    Number of lines
    Change the number of lines making up the staff

    Line distance
    Change the distance between two staff lines

    Step offset
    Offset the notes on the staff relative

    Invisible staff lines
    Toggle visibility of the staff lines

    Staff line color
    Set the color of the staff lines

    Notehead scheme
    Specify alternate noteheads such as pitch names or shape note

    Toggle display of note stems

    Show barlines
    Toggle display of barlines

    Show ledger lines
    Toggle display of ledger lines

    Generate clefs
    Toggle display of clefs

    Generate time signatures
    Toggle display of time signatures

    Generate key signatures
    Toggle display of key signatures