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    Understand that these are separate entities before we begin this chapter:

    • Musescore is a free and open source desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) music notation software project.
    • gathers volunteers around the world contributing to the project.
    • is a separate, commercial business - a "sheet music-sharing social platform" that allows you to save and publish your scores online.

    You can publish to either directly, or from within Musescore, but note that volunteers are not capable of handling any issues related to such as payment, refund, ownership, copyright, licensing, piracy etc, see How and where to ask for support.

    You may elect to keep your scores private or to allow others to read or download them. To use its service you need to open a account, which can be either free or subscription (see also Opening and saving scores).

    Publishing cost and profit seems to prioritize providing virtually free of charge score hosting service, rather than helping self-publishers generate income. Nevertheless, it has generous terms on how hosted scores are used. The platform has not been openly, directly working with or sharing revenue with self publishers / individual composers yet. It has begun collaborating with publishers in response to complaints about copyright protection. For musicians aiming for profit, try alternative methods such as listed on…

    Publishing rights

    Respect copyright. Just as you own the copyright for music you create, others own the copyright for music they create. You may transcribe other people’s copyrighted music using Musescore, but you do not necessarily own the copyright for the resulting Sheet music.

    A broad definition of "publish" is used in this chapter to avoid confusion only - the act of uploading/saving content to an online server is considered "publishing". You should pay attention to the definition of "publish" used in any legally binding licenses. From ... Publication is the distribution of copies or phonorecords of a work to the public ... A score can be uploaded "unlisted", meaning it is not publicly searchable or shown inside a public systematic catalog, but the said score may arguably still be considered public.

    From the forum post Copyright Infringement
    ... for a cover song you'd need the copyright holder's permission (maybe the author, the publisher, the heirs, etc) ...
    ... you cannot upload a piece even with a licence from the original author, unless said licence also includes the specific rights grant to MuseScore BVBA which the ToS require, but which are not necessary to obtain if (also) another suitable licence, such as any and all Open Source / Open Knowledge licences, are present. The ToS also (part of the same bug) require the uploader to waive certain moral rights of the artist ...

    From the forum post Would somebody tell me what is original music?
    ... If you haven't deliberately based your score on another composition then upload it as an original. If it turns out to be similar to a known composition then someone will point it out. If it's close to a copyrighted score then it may get taken down, (made private), but without causing you any trouble ...

    From (by Bernie/BSG, a long time volunteer music mentor on and 29 June 2021
    ... the CPO (Chief Product Officer) of, David Mandelstam, posted, in public discussion with me, that the site ( is the world's largest free sheet music catalog. It is not a social media, and not a score hosting site ...

    Last but not least, from
    ... Treat people the way you would like to be treated ...

    Creating a MuseScore account

    • Go to
    • Click "Log in" - it's at the top right of the window
    • On the dialog that pops up click "Create an account" - it's at the bottom right of the dialog that popped up
    • If your browser is already logged in to a Google, Facebook or Apple account you can sign up with any of those services by clicking on the appropriate button
    • If you prefer to sign in with your email address, fill in the remaining fields, check "I'm not a robot"
    • Click "Create new account"

    Saving only to

    The first time you save a score you will be asked if you want to publish the score to

    Dialog for First Save

    If you are not already logged in to, or you do not have an account, you will need to login.

    Dialog for Login

    You will be asked if the score should be Public, Unlisted, or Private.

    • Public scores are visible to everyone on the internet.
    • Unlisted scores are visible to everyone on the internet, but do not show up in search results. Only people with the link will be able to find an unlisted score.
    • Private scores are visible only to you. You must be logged in to your account to view.

    If you’re publishing a score that you’ve already published at least once, you can choose to replace the existing online score or to publish as a new online score.

    Dialog for name and visibility

    You will be asked whether you also want to upload your audio to See Managing publishing preferences

    Dialog for Generate MP3

    Musescore will tell you when it is ready. Large scores may take some time to generate the MP3 file.

    Dialog for Success

    Publish locally saved scores

    Scores saved on your computer can also be published at but are not automatically updated.

    To publish a score at

    • Click the Publish Tab (below the menu bar)
    • Click Publish to

    Dialog for Publish anytime

    Visibility in score manager

    Scores published only at are marked with a "cloud" symbol in the Musescore score manager.
    MuseScore also keeps local copies on your computer, so you can work on them even without an active internet connection.

    Dialog for Score Manager showing where things are saved

    Manage generation of mp3 during upload

    When saving online Musescore creates an MP3 file of the audio of your score. Depending on the score length, and number of instruments in the score, this might take a long time. To control when this happens:

    1. From the menu, choose Edit→Preferences...→Cloud
    2. Under "Generate MP3 audio for private cloud scores" choose Never, Always, or Every (X saves)


      Each time you press Save, only the score itself will be uploaded to Online playback will use the MS Basic soundfont.


      Each time you press Save, MuseScore will generate an .mp3 file to upload together with your score. Score playback on will sound the same as it does in your desktop app (including audio from the Muse Sounds library, if installed, or any VST instruments and effects you’ve added)

      Every x saves

      MuseScore will only generate and upload an .mp3 file at a save interval you specify.

    3. If you chose "Every X saves" choose the number of saves
      Dialog for Score Manager showing where things are saved