Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Importing 2.x scores with dotted tuplets into 3.x reports score as being corrupt and looses notes Jojo-Schmitz 14 1 month ago
Forum topic Option to turn off Note Entry Mode Musikate 27 2 months ago
Issue Request alternate position key signature when using begin repeat sign rio3333 19 2 months ago
Issue Allow [Q] and [W] to work on a range selection Steve3 17 4 months ago
Issue Crash when trying to attach an image to key signature Pentatonus 12 5 months ago
Forum topic Appending measures before a time signature change? Sambaji 11 5 months ago
Issue No Stylus Support, stylus is treated as a mouse thecreekninja 4 5 months ago
Forum topic Stylus Friendly Options thecreekninja 2 5 months ago
Issue Two voices each with an accidental Noel Hall 17 6 months ago
Issue macOS 10.5 accessibility setting “Enable Hover Text” causes crash Neal Adams 16 6 months ago
Issue [EPIC] Fretboard diagram issues geetar 18 8 months ago
Issue MuseScore 3.0.4 on macOS is crashing on startup. Nevin Williams 90 9 months ago
Issue Tablature fingering order not always correct laturetab 17 10 months ago
Issue Voice 2 note stems face wrong way when noteheads made invisible geetar 37 10 months ago
Issue Measure Numbers and Section Break chschmid 16 11 months ago
Issue Deleting all text in edit mode breaks Undo snieb 4 1 year ago
Issue Rests grouped incorrectly after adding 256th note or smaller mattmcclinch 4 1 year ago
Issue Corruption/crash after repeating a 256th note or smaller mattmcclinch 4 1 year ago
Issue Missing tie in part after paste mattmcclinch 4 1 year ago
Forum topic Cannot read file, bad format KenS 29 1 year ago
Issue Musescore crashes upon copy-pasting tremolo across bar lines Yoman1 9 1 year ago
Issue Suggestion for more efficient note selection osemwaro 8 1 year ago
Forum topic Remove unwanted image file from within MuseScore file kevin.austin@v… 18 1 year ago
Forum topic Can't copy and paste with local time signature? Guess I did the time signatures backwards Caters 10 1 year ago
Issue Unexpected tieing behaviour Howard-C 11 1 year ago