System Message

Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue old style multimeasure rests Wiering 52 1 week ago
Issue Muse Fonts on Musescore 4.0 Beta woodwinds and strings not showing up in mixer Shirly Lyubomirsky 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Autoplace fails to avoid melisma underscores Jojo-Schmitz 38 2 weeks ago
Issue Melisma lines overlap with staff below after line break The Tango Guy 11 2 weeks ago
Issue Repeats, Jumps and Volta follow-up jeetee 9 3 weeks ago
Issue Crashes when trying to drag anchor point of a glissando RisenFalcon 7 3 weeks ago
Issue Plugin not appearing in Menu hoodsmom 17 3 weeks ago
Issue Mouse wheel zoom sensitivy Ragnarok Toledo 14 3 weeks ago
Issue MuseHub will not download anything after changing download directory taykad 3 1 month ago
Issue Measure Number Offset Value Changes Everytime Opening the File strman 8 1 month ago
Issue "Save Online" trashes Score/Properties/Source such that the next time score isn't found! Elliot Freedman 7 1 month ago
Issue Downloading MDL extension fails Ryan_thompson 25 1 month ago
Issue copy lyrics does not work j.m.sturm@alum… 6 1 month ago
Issue 4x-dev: First system indents are being applied to MS 3.6.2 files even when not specified geetar 5 1 month ago
Issue [MusicXML] Support alternate volta text bryantegeorge 4 1 month ago
Issue MMA doesn't function [DELETED] 25874821 27 2 months ago
Issue illegal repeatsegment jeetee 10 2 months ago
Issue [MusicXML export] double fermata exporting note with both fermata and grace note Leon Vinken 12 2 months ago
Issue No sound on Mac and Windows, I/O's PortAudio API drop down menu empty Samuel Zilberstein 134 2 months ago
Issue Crash on Undo after adding measures with timeline open trrk 12 2 months ago
Issue Musescore Crashes upon Loading itiseragon 8 2 months ago
Issue Indication of notes outside the range of the instrument for screen readers vlad-mus 6 2 months ago
Issue ERROR with beats in 4/4 Ari Eze 5 2 months ago
Issue When starting Musescore on a specific system, a white noise sound is heard in the right ear. lemo020 5 3 months ago
Issue Musescore crashes when opening musicxml file fm42 13 3 months ago