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Issue Everything too big in v3.0 / -D command line option robert.holmen.7 43 3 years ago
Issue Can't front "Preferences" Window robert.holmen.7 4 4 years ago
Issue Mixer panel not always dockable/floatable, depending sometimes full screen enabled or not. cadiz1 17 4 years ago
Forum topic Can't open mixer window in v3.0 robert.holmen.7 15 5 years ago
Issue Backward compatibility (1.3): Opening "Master Palette" changes 5-line staff to 1-line staff robert.holmen.7 7 5 years ago
Issue Notes disconnect from stems when dragged in a range and leads to crash robert.holmen.7 13 5 years ago
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Issue MuseScore doesn't recall last directory used robert.holmen.7 11 5 years ago
Issue slur control points not reliably selectable robert.holmen.7 8 7 years ago
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