Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Default layout has chords overlapping voltas akdor1154 8 5 years ago
Issue Repeat barlines in parts can easily become inconsistent with those in full score akdor1154 10 6 years ago
Issue Custom time signature properties not applied to subsequently added instruments. akdor1154 2 6 years ago
Issue MusicXML import fails (no notes imported) if attributes/key/mode is not major or minor akdor1154 9 8 years ago
Issue regression: can't add notes of voice > 1 akdor1154 4 8 years ago
Issue MIDI input while concert pitch is on results in tpc corruption akdor1154 2 9 years ago
Issue Simpler control of breaking multimeasure rests akdor1154 3 9 years ago
Issue Crash on score load - hairpin with no endspanner akdor1154 9 9 years ago
Issue make package needs to be run as root akdor1154 3 9 years ago
Issue Swing playback gets confused with a quaver-length anacrusis akdor1154 8 9 years ago
Issue Some scores crash Musescore when Swing Playback is enabled akdor1154 10 9 years ago
Issue Pasting a passage with triplets pastes them as normal notes. akdor1154 4 9 years ago
Issue spanner creation is inconsistent between shortcuts and palette. akdor1154 1 9 years ago
Issue Transposing does not work on 1.3 scores saved with concert pitch on akdor1154 6 9 years ago
Issue Musescore SIGABRTs when opening a score with a slur ending on a rest akdor1154 4 9 years ago
Issue Changing ${ExecutableName} in mscore/CmakeLists.txt yields a non-build akdor1154 4 9 years ago
Issue Changes to "Text Properties" only apply to one text object in any selection akdor1154 10 9 years ago
Issue manual/genManual.cpp needs to be updated with changed location of plugins.h akdor1154 4 9 years ago