Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Chord Playback - Specify a register where the root is played gajatko 1 3 years ago
Forum topic Measure repeat in part only (not in score) fredg999 12 3 years ago
Forum topic Chord Playback - customize register to prevent clashing Jacek Gajek 8 3 years ago
Issue Tab staves created in Guitar Pro import do not show in instrument list, can't be deleted gajatko 15 3 years ago
Issue CTRL+mouse down on a movable element results in loosing focus gajatko 5 4 years ago
Issue Glissando with anchor change via Shift+Down lost on save/reload Angel.E 11 4 years ago
Issue Altered Glissando not copied and not saved to a file (data loss) gajatko 2 4 years ago
Issue Tool windows become unusable if they were moved to a secondary screen gajatko 24 6 years ago
Issue Performance problems (150 bar score) gajatko 11 7 years ago
Issue Bar lines too short in tablature after amending linked (or not) staves. gajatko 10 8 years ago
Issue "Export Parts" generates a "Score_and_Parts" in a continous view. gajatko 2 8 years ago
Issue A text carriege cursor gets exported to a PDF if a tempo text is in edit state. gajatko 2 8 years ago
Issue Crash when adding a Global time sig into a measure which is in Local time sig gajatko 32 8 years ago
Issue Incorrect font in an "8ve up" line after clearing text gajatko 7 8 years ago
Issue Cannot undo a change of crescendo or decrescendo intensity gajatko 2 9 years ago
Issue Initial position of Continuous View is misplaced a bit gajatko 15 9 years ago
Issue Transposition should use double sharps and double flats where appropriate gajatko 5 9 years ago
Issue Inserting a C/Am key "signature" to a C/Am score causes inconsistent behaviour gajatko 8 9 years ago
Issue It's possible to make a local time signature change in standard notation and not in a linked tabulature. gajatko 3 9 years ago
Issue Time signature not visible in tabulature gajatko 4 9 years ago
Issue Crash on changing rest duration gajatko 4 9 years ago
Issue A "breath" is played in a wrong position gajatko 11 9 years ago
Issue A bpm tempo marking is too close to the textual tempo description in exported PDF gajatko 10 9 years ago
Issue No 4/4 (C) symbol gajatko 3 9 years ago
Issue Time signature dislocated gajatko 10 9 years ago