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Forum topic A "RANDOM" function? Mr. Russ 3 5 months ago
Forum topic Porting 3.x plugins to Musescore 4 Geert Willemarck 19 1 year ago
Issue newScore does not generate a bass clef when called with "piano" or "grand-piano" karsten.spries… 2 1 year ago
Project Sight Reading Trainer karsten.spries… 0 2 years ago
Forum topic Created a new PlugIn: Sight Reading Trainer karsten.spries… 11 2 years ago
Forum topic Midi Sight Reader on Musescore 2 domcas 20 2 years ago
Issue tempo.followText does not take effect karsten.spries… 20 2 years ago
Issue If Training Level is set so a defined value (17, 18, 19, 20 are undefined) then plugin overwrites last settings with last parameter set from level karsten.spries… 2 2 years ago
Forum topic newScore function: how to add a violin and bass clef qml? karsten.spries… 4 2 years ago
Forum topic how to set the tempo from within a qml plugin karsten.spries… 6 2 years ago
Issue Chord Symbols in Parts don't change when styles are set to e.g. MuseJazz karsten.spries… 8 3 years ago
Issue connecting two notes with "Linie" or '+' key causes crash karsten.spries… 5 3 years ago
Issue footer/header: to have an option to print the name of the instrument on every page karsten.spries… 10 7 years ago
Issue "Apply to all parts" does not become active if Footer/Header is changed karsten.spries… 3 7 years ago
Forum topic no sound when playing back a score karsten.spries… 1 10 years ago
Forum topic In Options dialogs a "Use Defaults" - Button would be nice karsten.spries… 0 10 years ago
Forum topic Save All in File-Menu karsten.spries… 2 10 years ago
Forum topic Page numbers like n/m where n is the current page and m is the overall number of pages of a sheet music karsten.spries… 4 10 years ago