Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue [Mac] Page layout incorrect when printing via CMD-P (does not match Page Settings) zscore 12 1 month ago
Issue [Mac] Add @2x artwork (icons, splash screen, etc.) for retina displays zscore 5 1 year ago
Issue Album panel: load previous album when opened zscore 2 4 years ago
Issue Cannot create 5/8 time signature zscore 15 4 years ago
Issue Include chord name above fretboard diagram zscore 5 4 years ago
Issue changing note.pitch is not updating the displayed notes zscore 6 5 years ago
Issue Move "Fretboard Diagram Properties" into Inspector zscore 15 5 years ago
Issue [Mac] Crash on undo after adding/removing key signatures zscore 5 7 years ago
Issue Window size / location should be restored on re-launch zscore 8 7 years ago
Issue Cannot display short instrument name or part name in score zscore 3 8 years ago
Issue MacOS Build : ALL_BUILD Xcode target does not build from a clean install (needs 'configure' target) zscore 3 8 years ago
Issue File -> Open should should remember last used location zscore 7 8 years ago
Issue [Mac] Crash in MasterSynth::state() on quit / relaunch zscore 4 9 years ago
Issue [Mac] Crash when creating a new project : NewWizardPage4::NewWizardPage4(QWidget*) + 339 zscore 3 9 years ago
Issue Stemless notes draw stems when beamed with stemmed notes zscore 2 9 years ago
Issue Crash opening score if text line is anchored to a multi-measure rest zscore 14 9 years ago
Issue Chord symbol text editing box displays rendered size, not actual size zscore 4 9 years ago
Issue Crash when placing break on multi-measure rest zscore 5 9 years ago
Issue File extension should be preserved when using 'Save As...' zscore 5 9 years ago
Issue Crash after closing score if loading style that defines chord id zscore 13 9 years ago
Issue Mouse clicks do not move insert point in Chord Symbol text box zscore 3 9 years ago
Issue Cannot delete measures within a multi-measure rest zscore 15 9 years ago
Issue Set the size of fretboard offset text as part of the style zscore 59 9 years ago
Issue FretDiagram : make the vertical offset a user adjustable parameter zscore 7 9 years ago
Issue MacOS : CMD-A (select all) in text leaves behind the 'a' character zscore 8 10 years ago