Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Hierarchy for instrument and channel change in Mixer Duvania 19 5 years ago
Issue Unchecking Drumset in Mixer loses drumset with no warning Duvania 5 5 years ago
Issue Continous View Mode Instrument Text doesn't follow initial Font Size Duvania 2 5 years ago
Issue Pasting notehead onto rest changes rest duration Duvania 14 6 years ago
Issue Piano Bass Stave converts to Treble Stave when Measures are Deleted. Duvania 4 7 years ago
Issue Piano Curly Brackets - Missing & Spanning Multiple Instrument Staves Duvania 7 7 years ago
Issue MuseScore allows illegal 'Edit Instruments' Add Piano Stave Operation to be performed in Score Setup, corrupting underlying file Duvania 1 7 years ago
Issue Changing key signatures results in notes on C and D staff positions having same pitch Duvania 3 7 years ago
Forum topic PDF viewable area doesn't include bottom of score Duvania 8 7 years ago
Forum topic Keep selected score section from instantly moving off offscreen when starting Playback Panel Loop play Duvania 0 7 years ago
Issue Playback of Measure-to-Measure tie results in apparent playback of untied notes Duvania 6 8 years ago
Issue Tempo Attributes Appear Corrupted - Tempo Can't be Changed Duvania 7 8 years ago
Issue Second Descrescendo Hairpin volume level remains at 0, after "Velocity change" parameter is reset to 100. Duvania 3 8 years ago
Issue Rev 2.0.3 - Bugs Galore Duvania 4 8 years ago
Issue Copy and paste of single selected notehead copies pitch but not duration Duvania 5 8 years ago
Forum topic Piano Bass Notes Dropping in pitch placement when Deleting Sheets with <cntl> <del> Duvania 10 8 years ago