Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Starting barline able to be inspected again Fyrult 6 4 years ago
Issue Wrong undo visibility change for dotted note, where note and dot have different visibiilities Fyrult 8 5 years ago
Issue Unsynced margins Fyrult 8 5 years ago
Issue Cross-staff slur is copied even when end anchor is not copied Fyrult 1 5 years ago
Issue Grace note after overlaps preceding note Fyrult 15 5 years ago
Issue Untick 'Show courtesy' for clefs does not work. Fyrult 8 6 years ago
Issue Grace notes over or under the staff incorrect Fyrult 9 6 years ago
Issue Clicking on notes while playing the score can sometimes have the score be in a not-playing state Fyrult 1 6 years ago
Forum topic Why Do *You* Make Notes Invisible? Fyrult 18 6 years ago
Forum topic Standard accent should be placed outside stave Fyrult 7 6 years ago
Issue After enharmonic change, double flats stay Fyrult 4 7 years ago
Issue Regression - Barline properties in inspector don't work Fyrult 6 7 years ago
Issue Extra key signatures are created for multimeasure rests in part when undoing Fyrult 7 7 years ago
Issue Can't change time signature properties Fyrult 5 7 years ago
Issue Staff Properties -> Advanced Style properties causes crash in RELEASE build Fyrult 44 7 years ago
Issue Bug: removing dot from dotted 1/4 note not working sideways 8 7 years ago
Issue Selection lost on enharmonic change with accidentals Fyrult 6 7 years ago
Issue Regression: "Flip stem direction" command broken (by pressing "X" with note selected, or by toolbar icon) Fyrult 5 7 years ago
Issue Crash applying line via double click (debug build) Fyrult 7 7 years ago
Issue Right-clicking tie shows Slur Properties menu chen lung 2 7 years ago
Issue Single bar changes place when switching from page to continuous view ggagliano 5 7 years ago
Issue incorrect deletion of score elements when a time signature is deleted, but still in same time signature Emajor9 9 7 years ago
Issue Wrong vertical shift of note dot when dragging with mouse while holding shift BuPunkt 3 7 years ago
Forum topic Middle Beam harkins2011 1 7 years ago
Issue Tie (debug build) crash Fyrult 5 7 years ago