GSoC 2022 - Harp pedalling week 10

Posted 1 year ago

Hi all,

This has been a productive week of fixing bugs, tests and layout issues. With everything up to date, I'm ready for a code review and some final pointers as to placement and layout. These will only be small tweaks without huge amounts of refactoring (I hope) so am on track for the final deadline at the beginning of September.

I also spent some time implementing a proofreading feature for the diagrams. This updates the colour of the noteheads based on whether they are playable in the current pedal configuration. Enharmonic strings are also allowed. This gives a user more flexibility over having the diagrams set by what notes are in the bar.

Ex 1: A demonstration of proofreading. Notes unplayable with current settings are coloured red

I had a look at getting glissandos to playback obeying the pedal settings, but decided to leave this for a later date. With the new sampler will come some restructuring to the playback code, so I'll wait for that instead of having to repeat work.

Keep up to date with the project below:
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Congrats on the great work!
For the proofrearing feature, I would suggest keeping enharmonic strings in red, because it is not the correct notation, or coloring them in yellow, to indicate that there is an enharmonic equivalent available.