GSoC 2022 - Harp pedalling week 1

Posted 9 months ago

Hello all,
This week began with a meeting about the final design for the diagrams and UI to edit them. Below you can see Martin's (Tantacrul's) design for both. The diagrams have been added to the Leland font already, ready for me to use!
After the meeting I wrote up a solid plan for what I'd like to achieve when, before making a start on the class which will actually represent the diagrams in the score. The diagrams will simply be text items, as the constituent parts of the drawings are available in the font. However, they won't be editable as other text items are - changes will have to be made through the interface you can see above.
Next steps
Next week I'd like to finish off this basic class and hopefully get as close as possible to seeing a diagram in the score. After that, I'll need to create a new palette in the inspector for harp notation which will allow diagrams to be added.

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