GSoC 2021 - Week-8 and 9: Improving Accessibility For the Visually Impaired

Posted 2 years ago

Well hello there!
Haven't seen that face for a while now. This is a combination blog post for both week-8 and week-9. I got really busy last week trying to get stuff done. That really isn't an excuse to not take a little time out to finish the weekly blog, but here we are...
I only managed to get away with not writing a blog in the first place because the team is SUUPER busy getting the core implementations sorted. I won't be making a habit out of this though :)

I am happy to announce that My original PR#8280 ("High-Contrast Overhaul"), and my secondary PR#8806 focusing on Navigation Control borders ("Navigation Control Border Re-Implementation") have been successfully merged into the master branch.

That said however, The crown jewel that ties all of this in (i.e. Score Color inversion) is still something that remains to be implemented. I've got a week left till the official GSoC coding period expires, but I'm willing to work beyond that to finish what I've started.
I'm going to be putting in extra hours everyday to see how far I can get within this week itself.

That's pretty much it!
Just one week left to go.

You can keep up with my progress at the following locations: