GSoC 2021 - Week-5: Improving Accessibility For the Visually Impaired

Posted 2 years ago

The One with the Rut

I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. This week's post is going to be a very short one, since I am still in the process of completing what i listed in the previous week's post.

I spent most of this week finishing up the new design. I am done with merging the new PR's and incorporating their changes into my code.
I have also added borders to new QML elements and also to older MS3 elements (.ui files), but it isn't fully finished. The new design is almost complete.

I can't reproduce fresh screenshots of the current application, but they wouldn't have been much different from last week's progress screenshots, especially since a lot of the work has taken place under the hood.

The reason i can't produce fresh screenshots is because i have run into the same issue again where i am making changes to the code, but the changes fail to show up in the compiled executable.

I have tried fresh clean builds, compiling on the command line, and i even got a new 8gb RAM stick (2444Hz DDR4) which now adds up to a sum of 15.3gbs of usable RAM on Ubuntu, and the MAX usage never goes above 10.5gb.
Even the Rubber Ducky didn't help.

Mr. Peter has helped me in finding another alternative in the meantime which i can use to debug the code, which involves using GitHub Actions to build the program instead, and get its artifact to check the behavior.
I imagine i would be making a test commit, and then amending it until i get it to where i want it to be, and then make a final amend with an appropriate commit message. I could then follow that up with another test commit and follow the same procedure for subsequent features.

That is it for this week. Please be sure to share your thoughts, ideas and criticisms in the comment section below.
While you're at it, please also be sure to check out the blog posts of my peers, and remember, kind words and constructive feedback keeps us going :)

You can keep up with my progress at the following locations:


It's expected to run into problems and slight set backs during this period, what's important is that you're still at it with just as much determination as before! Good going :))

Wooooow!!! Sounds like your computer has been cursed. Maybe you should try unplugging the computer from its power source and pouring Holy Water on the compu..... nah .... do it directly onto the motherboard. THAT SHOULD WORK :). Also, I heard ... soooomewheeeere ...
that you should use the rubber ducky to squirt AND DRENCH the Holy Water (unplugged of course) directly onto the CPU and RAM slots to AMPLIFY and ELECTRICFY their processing power. YAS! And if the problem persists, just submerge the whole unit in Holy Water and you wont have to worry about that problem EVER again #sip ...................................................... you're welcome :).

[ISSUE SOLVED? "No" ---> "Yes"]