Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Inconsistent behavior in generating automatic file names trombonechamp 4 2 years ago
Issue Rehearsal measure numbers trombonechamp 9 2 years ago
Issue Single-click courtesy accidentals trombonechamp 30 4 years ago
Issue General "Percussion" staff trombonechamp 18 7 years ago
Issue Fix measure width flows music off page trombonechamp 3 7 years ago
Issue Notes not transposed when copied by notehead trombonechamp 11 8 years ago
Issue Glissando incorrectly presented over line break trombonechamp 24 9 years ago
Issue Mute instrument part-way through the piece trombonechamp 4 9 years ago
Issue Crescendos cross the bar line trombonechamp 3 9 years ago
Issue [branch 1.2] [trunk] copying straight chords into tuplet brackets causes corruption trombonechamp 15 9 years ago
Issue Mass insert single measure repeats trombonechamp 4 10 years ago
Issue Positioning of dynamics when dragging trombonechamp 5 10 years ago
Issue Keyboard entry inserts in relation to last note entered trombonechamp 6 10 years ago
Issue Default dynamic positioning trombonechamp 9 10 years ago
Issue Alt+Up/Down select jumps between staves to find next lowest note trombonechamp 4 10 years ago
Issue Articulation default positioning with note above the staff trombonechamp 2 10 years ago
Forum topic If Only - The Musical trombonechamp 0 12 years ago
Issue Small note heads in chords trombonechamp 2 12 years ago
Issue Single measure repeat playback trombonechamp 4 12 years ago
Issue Time signature change causes triplets to corrupt score trombonechamp 2 13 years ago
Issue Grace notes not erased on paste trombonechamp 4 13 years ago
Forum topic Gliss across and to a rest trombonechamp 1 13 years ago
Issue Articulations moved when new instrument inserted trombonechamp 2 13 years ago
Issue Shift+8/Alt+8 doesn't give accidentals trombonechamp 1 14 years ago
Issue "Up" adjustment uses enharmonic when in key signature trombonechamp 3 14 years ago