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Forum topic MuseScore 4 Update: Alpha 2 is now released! Tantacrul 277 2 weeks ago
Forum topic New feature: dynamic noteheads for shape notes, solfege noteheads Nicolas 40 1 month ago
Forum topic Request: make windows more resizable in MS 4 to allow smaller sizes Sambaji 5 2 months ago
Forum topic Feature suggestion - Colors on piano keyboard Splodinate 21 3 months ago
Forum topic Access to was denied Sambaji 1 4 months ago
Issue Provide option to set "quantization fraction" in midi import. Sambaji 1 5 months ago
Forum topic Copy And Paste measures with all System Text, Repeat Bar lines, time signitures etc. Suttidrums 10 5 months ago
Forum topic Appending measures before a time signature change? Sambaji 11 8 months ago
Issue Feature Request: Expand "Append measures" to insert measures after selected measure(s) Sambaji 5 8 months ago
Issue Request for in-score Hyperlinks / URLs scorster 9 9 months ago
Issue FEATURE REQUEST: Use score info to add tags to exported audio Sambaji 7 10 months ago
Forum topic Free transcription software CrispyR 5 10 months ago
Forum topic Request: please more options for metronome Sambaji 2 11 months ago
Forum topic Is it possible to tune every note separately? Nikoletaaaaa2 11 1 year ago
Issue Add an option to set the default font for all text types. Sambaji 23 1 year ago
Forum topic Modern minimalist flat UI vs Skeuomorpism UI dmusicman 15 1 year ago
Forum topic Bug? Drumset assigned keys don't work for Re-pitch entry Sambaji 8 1 year ago
Forum topic Request: add ability to edit Time Signature properties in the Pallete panel Sambaji 0 1 year ago
Forum topic How to stop playback/end song before end of score? Sambaji 4 1 year ago
Forum topic What time signature would a measure of four nunuplets be? Sambaji 2 1 year ago
Forum topic Request: Custom Swing/Groove (Microrhythm) feature--the ability to choose other tuplet phrasings. Sambaji 1 1 year ago
Forum topic Easiest way of merging/appending scores with Album feature disabled in 3.X Sambaji 2 1 year ago
Forum topic BUG REPORT: toggling play button doesn't stop playback of measures with tuplets Sambaji 1 1 year ago
Issue Save error with unrolled repeat version of score Sambaji 5 1 year ago
Issue MusicXML import ignores string/fret FanningScavenges 16 1 year ago