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Forum topic Bug: Gradual tempo changes like accelerando and ritardando don't seem to affect long notes, causing them to either end early or sustain a bit into the next measure. jfmusicaddict 2 4 hours ago
Forum topic MuseScore 4 is OUT NOW! Tantacrul 408 2 days ago
Forum topic It could be useful to allow different voices within a staff to have different sounds and dynamics if desired jfmusicaddict 9 2 weeks ago
Forum topic MuseScore for education. Telodigotodo 5 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Some suggested improvements to how gradual tempo changes are handled jfmusicaddict 1 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Musescore 4 crashes when loading big projects. Edit: Muse Sounds alto flute on alto flute staff crashes MS4 under some undetermined conditions. jfmusicaddict 5 3 months ago
Forum topic MuseScore 4 Update: Announcing our Beta Release! Tantacrul 305 4 months ago
Forum topic On my installation, an audio glitch in the Musescore 4 nightly builds makes playback practically impossible jfmusicaddict 5 5 months ago
Forum topic I can't find where to edit dynamics or crescendos in Musescore 4 beta release. jfmusicaddict 3 5 months ago
Forum topic Musescore 4 beta: Adding an extra staff to an instrument and then undoing it crashes the program jfmusicaddict 1 5 months ago
Forum topic Designing the Mixer for MuseScore 4 Tantacrul 100 8 months ago
Forum topic Bug: Hibernating my Windows 10 PC with an active Musescore session causes Musescore to crash if you play back notes in a score after the computer is started back up again jfmusicaddict 3 1 year ago