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Issue Simile Mark as Chord Symbol (for either 1-measure, 2-measures, or 4-measures) ericfontainejazz 14 4 months ago
Forum topic Represent slash chords as super/subscript svenyonson 29 4 months ago
Forum topic Score mirroring in right-to-left languages shoogle 64 6 months ago
Forum topic Touch Bar Features (Mac Version) Cwolford 10 10 months ago
Issue stemlet (stems over rests) ericfontainejazz 32 1 year ago
Issue FreeType CRASH in Preferences Dialog when change a path using Native File Dialog on archlinux (x86+armv7a) ericfontainejazz 10 1 year ago
Forum topic Insanely slow score editing on Musescore 3 Winforce 52 1 year ago
Issue Changes to staff transposition (and other properties) not reflected in linked parts Marc Sabatella 19 1 year ago
Forum topic When dragging object from palette to drop on element, upon mousing away from element, that element should no longer appear selected ericfontainejazz 3 1 year ago
Forum topic Integrated video sync module BravoFoxtrot 9 1 year ago
Issue Collapse Multiple Consecutive Single-Measure Repeat Measures into one Single Measure Multi-Repeat ericfontainejazz 10 1 year ago
Issue Multi-Measure Rests and Measure Repeats display below the staff on single-line staffs ericfontainejazz 11 1 year ago
Issue Importing 2.x scores with dotted tuplets into 3.x reports score as being corrupt and looses notes Jojo-Schmitz 14 2 years ago
Blog GSoC 2016 - Semi-Realtime MIDI: A new method of note entry for MuseScore shoogle 18 2 years ago
Issue Add a two and four measure (multi-measure) repeat sign with playback [DELETED] 5 210 2 years ago
Issue MIDI input latency over 300ms. peastman 13 2 years ago
Issue Simile Marks inside measure to indicate repeat previous beat (playback & display) & MusicXML i/o for "beat-repeat" & "slash" ericfontainejazz 4 2 years ago
Issue crash in Glissando::layout() when delete a bunch of measures in someone's big score ericfontainejazz 3 2 years ago
Issue Suggestion for password display on and login for iPhone app musiclee 4 2 years ago
Issue "Auto" beam setting for *Rests* should not beam (if no stemlets) Jojo-Schmitz 14 2 years ago
Forum topic Swing text settings should apply to chord change playback ericfontainejazz 1 3 years ago
Forum topic Horn Falls create a EOF error in MIDI files Ibdense 7 3 years ago
Forum topic default spaceing for Right-Parenthesis around notehead need to be increased a bit so doesn't overlap ericfontainejazz 1 3 years ago
Issue SegFault upon delete measures: tick2measure not found when timeline is open ericfontainejazz 12 3 years ago
Issue SegFault when undo after deleting initial 4/4 time signature if had set first measure Actual Duration to 2/4 and had chord symbols with timeline open ericfontainejazz 9 3 years ago