GSoC 2019: Chord Symbol Playback - Week 10

Posted 4 years ago

Just a couple weeks left!

So Far

Last week, I worked mainly on separate MIDI channels for harmony. The way it works is each part has the capacity to have its own harmony channel which is created whenever the first chord symbol is added or loaded. This channel shows up as a subchannel in the mixer for the corresponding part which means that it can be adjusted as its own channel. This allows us to change the instrument used to play the chord symbol as well as change the pan and volume. Also, this separates harmony in exports so that users can see the realized chord symbols in a different channel. Here is a look at the new feature:

Video Here!

What you'll notice also is that clicking on the chord symbols plays back the chord symbol. This is one of the other quality of life additions and will eventually be controlled by a setting so that it can be turned off. Finally, there are also a number of special chords (alt, blues, phrygian, lydian) that can now be realized just as they are defined in the parser.

This Week

This week I will meet with my mentor to clean up everything and see what else should be done before the end of the project. I have a number of "little" tasks as well as issues pointed out by by mentor that I have to take care of. I hope to take care of most of those things and then move forward from there. There are also a few optimizations to make to make sure that this feature can scale with very large scores.

If there is time left in this project (which there may or may not be), I hope to look into rhythms and revisit voicings. As far as rhythms go, this is a huge can of worms and is not something that we would for sure have in the near future. If it does seem feasible to implement, I will try and start on a framework to prepare for future implementation. The voicings are also of course something that we can always improve.

See you all next week!