GSoC 2019: Chord Symbol Playback - Week 4

Posted 4 years ago

We have some behind the scenes playback!

So far

Last week I was focused on making behind the scenes playback work. This is one of the pretty big steps in my opinion for the project as it allows for users to take advantage of this feature a lot more easily. To get something played back, there's nothing needed (in addition to adding the chord symbol) to get the chords symbols played back. We use the same voicing algorithm as before to render the midi. Here is an example of this in action:

Video Here!

Additionally, there is an inspector option so we can choose to play or not to play the specific chord symbol.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, we will try to make the project a little more presentable visually and also more flexible and useful. That will mean more algorithms, quality life changes and options, and a good user interface (especially for the 'Realize Chord Symbols' tool option). To supplement development, I hope to begin writing tests for new algorithms as well. This way, we can get us closer to a fully presentable product before we begin to work on additional features.

This Week

This week I would like to improve the UI and begin to work on other algorithms. I'll be on a couple airplanes in the next day, but hope to be working at least for part of the plane rides and will be able to push the changes when I arrive.

See you all next week!


On diatonic accordeon scores, it is quite common to indicate bass with an uppercase letter, and chords with a lowercase one.
For example, the common pattern to play D major chords alternance with D bass and A bass would be:
D d A d D d A d ...
Or you would find the often used:
A am G am F am E e ...
If your implementation could handle that that would be marvellous.

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Yeah I think this is a bit out of scope of the project since it is a bit more on the side of parsing than playback although this could be something we could look at going forward and in the future. Would you think that this is best covered under chord symbols though? I'm not too familiar with accordian music, but would this be better represented as something else?

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This notation is due to the way the left hand works on diatonic accordion: some buttons give you bass and other ones chords. It is always written as chord symbols though, either just as chords letting you alternate bass and chords, or for scores with more "advanced" combinations by upper case lower case to indicate bass or chords.

Yes, absolutely fantastic. It goes exactly in the direction of my original feature request. Great!
@Marc: I there any objection why this could not be merged to master after GSoC 2019 is finished?